Duchesne Community Recreation and Wellness District

6/1/18- The Duchesne Community Recreation and Wellness District moved a step closer to becoming a reality on Wednesday as the Eagle Community Foundation began a petition drive to propose formal creation of the District to the Duchesne County Commissioners. The petition which states that the “district will be authorized to provide recreation and wellness services within the boundaries of the district, together with acquisition of all properties, facilities, equipment and appurtenances therefore.” The number of signatures needed on the petition by Utah Code is 10% of the registered voters (141) within the boundary of the proposed district.

The Eagle Community Foundation has focused on the creation of the Recreation and Wellness District to provide additional safe playing surfaces for Duchesne youth athletics and to ensure long term maintenance of the new and existing facilities.

The next step in the process is to set a date for a public hearing which will be heard by the Duchesne County Commissioners and the City of Duchesne Mayor and Council. The Hearing will be held in mid-July. Watch for the date on this website.

To sign the petition or to get involved in the Eagle Community Foundation contact members of the Board, Ryan Goodliffe, Wyatt Gines, Kristin Christensen, or Angela Butler.